Features of BABOT
1) Smooth move
Shiro's Website -- Pneumatic Sculpture Series

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1) Somooth Move
2) Soft Machine
3) Ample massiveness
4) Giantic form
5) Appear & Disappear
6) Any place. Any time

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When trying to squash a balloon having a particular shape, it is necessary to apply unexpectedly large force, and even if forcibly trying to squash the balloon, its shape does not become stable.

According to an invention of pneumatic membrane mechanism by Shiro Takahashi (US Patent No.4765079) , when blowing up a piece of membrane formed into a closed shape to form a balloon, the surface of the membrane of the balloon is made to have an expansible margin where the fulcrum of the motion of expansion is created.

According to the pneumatic membrane mechanism, the pneumatic membrane can be safely expanded into a huge structure by desired force.

The internal pressure fluctuation of the structure can be controlled into a small rate during the expansion, large motion for expanding the structure can be quickly and smoothly achieved by small force, and therefore, the large motion can quickly respond to a control signal from the computer, and can play a powerful presence.

The pneumatic membrane mechanism has a simple structure formed using air and cloth only.