1925 la caravane roulante de Raymond Roussel   →1/10 Scale model
(caraban, mobile home, recreational vehicle , motorhome, wohnmobil, wohnwagen, camping-car, roulotte automobile )

The"road yacht" or roulotte Roussel had custom made by Georges Regis in 1925.
Die Karosserie, hergestellt von Lacoste
Rousseau travelled all over Europe in a specially built luxury caravan
Auto-mobile 自動車アウトモビール:Auto-nomie 自律者アウトノミ

omnibus by Saurer 1929 富士箱根自動車のサウラー製乗合自動車
The chassis made by Adolph Saurer AG シイベルヘグナー商会

car length 9m, car width 2.3m, traveling speed 40m per hour, white tires
It was reportedly almost 30 feet long and 7 feet wide.
9 Metern Lange und 2 Meter 30 Breite ausgestattet

driving seat, steering wheel, folding chairs, storage rack, servant seats, door

salon, chair, music stand, wall decoration, mirror, large windows, ceiling canopy, curtain

Murphy bed, bedding, bed lamps, Tunbridge Waer, Maple Sliced veneer wall, interior

studio, maple wall, folding desk, storage rack, gas stove, entrance doar, bath room doar, closet

bathroom, Toilet bowl, bath tub, washbasin, faucet, water heater, hand shower
rack, round window, decorative tile, room heater,

Space Jack 1970 pat.Shiro Takahashi

Conestoga wagon
Pullman (car or coach)
[Das rollende Haus von Raymond Roussel]
[Roussel and the Roulotte]  .
[la maison roulante de Raymond Roussel]