"CHARLEY" a soft bag space

"CHARLEY" is a soft, round den in appearance. Its surface material adhering to the interior and exterior of spherical plyurethane form sphere is in itself the pliant construction material.

When "CHARLEY" is inflated it is a globe 1 meters in diameter. When deflated, its mass is reduced to one fourth.

The "mouth" takes up 7% of the surface area. By arrangeing this opening to one's choice after entering this den, one can shut off external sounds and views and secure complete privacy. If one wishes to see nothing at all outside, he can turn the "mouth" to the bottom. If one feels sleepy, he can crush "CHARLEY" and sleep on its soft surface.

Today, materials have replaced nature in the role of bringing back to man the expansion and experience of human sentiments.

1970-02-00 多摩美術大学 大学院 修了制作
1970-04-00 ジャパンインテリア設計133号
1970-04-00 ホームアイデア No.7 清家清
1970-06-17 プリシュニック シェル石油コンペ 賞金
1971-07-28 DOMS

"SPACE JACK" a revolving tube house

"SPACE JACK" is designed as a living area providing completely free use of cylindrical space. It is 2 meters in diameter and 4 meters long.

Neither horizontal flooring nor vertical walls are found in the cylindrical tube. However, as a functional feature to make living in the unit free form inconvenience, an ara which revolves along the curved surface is build in to allow the same space to be used for multiple purposes. In the case of space ships, the man who is freed from gravity revolves along the wall, but in this case, it is the room that rotates for him. Unlike a box-like space, the cylindrical space provides a completely new and enjoyable living experience.

1970-05-23 特許公報50-3144
1970-07-10 信越化学 estimate
1970-07-11 朝日新聞
1970-08-21 週間朝日 剣持勇
1970-09-00 ジャパンインテリア設計138号
1970-09-25 週刊ポスト


1969.7,20 Apollo

404-323 BC. Diogenes of Sinope

1950's american personal shelter